We the Constitution

“L’Etat, c’est moi.”
– Louis XIV

“I have the absolute right to do what I want”
at the Department of Justice.
– President Donald Trump

Democracy is based on the Rule-of-Law, not the Law-of-Rulers. Yet a persistent contempt for law and indifference to norms about equal justice is threatening our constitutional foundation.

Donald Trump’s lawlessness appears to be a life-long habit that’s now only growing as President. It ranges from consumer fraud at Trump “University” to his firings of prosecutors probing him, pardon of an unrepentant Sheriff Joe Arpio, pressure to indict political opponents, blatant nepotism, constant disdain for law enforcement agencies & judges, and apparent daily violations of the Emoluments Clause.

To help stop this assault on our democracy, the Shadow Cabinet — 21 experienced policy leaders dedicated to exposing and opposing White House misconduct — is launching the first Constitution to be actually signed by the American people. By signing, people in communities around the country will send a literal message to President Trump & his Cabinet that the American people will not tolerate creeping authoritarianism posing as patriotism.

Welcome to the first Constitution signed by “We the people”

Stand up to Trump by signing the digital Constitution alongside our nation’s leading legal experts. Each signature prompts a tweet of opposition to @realDonaldTrump

Become a 21st Century ‘Founding Father or Mother’ of the U.S. Constitution

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How it works

Americans will be urged to support and defend the Constitution of the United States “against all enemies, foreign and domestic” by visiting shadowingtrump.org or twitter.com/ShadowingTrump from their smart phone or tablet to sign the Constitution with their finger if they agree that the Trump Administration is sabotaging the rule of law.

Once people write their “John Hancock”, the We the Constitution site will prompt individuals to invite their entire network to sign alongside them. Then any signer can zoom-in to locate their signature or search those of their friends in an ever-growing scroll of citizenship and activism.

Each signatory will then send the following tweet — or one of her/his choosing — to @realDonaldTrump so we contest him on his favorite media platform, to wit, “We demand that you now respect the ethic of ‘with justice for all’ for individual rights and stop regularly violating laws & norms because, in America, Mr. President, no one is above the law.

Then we will be organized — rather than merely reactive — the next time Trump chooses to ignore laws/norms to create a real constitutional crisis — e. g., violating a court order, indicting a political rival, firing additional prosecutors probing him, pardoning himself/family for blatant illegality.

In today’s digital world, we want to see ourselves at the center of our own experiences, especially with a too often unaccountable government. We the Constitution engages Americans at a fraught moment in history by renewing their vows in the foundational American compact… because it’s OUR Democracy.


If you’d like to contact us or help our cause, you can reach us at We@WetheConstitution.org